Publisher Quick Guide

This tutorial is designed for Microsoft Office Publisher 2010

This is the first screen when you open publisher. For projects where the flyer will be smaller than a whole sheet, click on more blank page sizes

It will then bring you to this page. There are standard page sizes, and at the bottom there are custom page sizes. The three currently listed are ones I have made before, the first is a standard index card size, the second is a publishing paper size, and the third is a miscellaneous one. You can make any size in Create new page size.

This is the custom page size creation page

I made a 4.5 by 3 page for this example, you can give it a name at the top under name. If you made a flyer/handout in photoshop, use the dimensions of that image.

It will then place the new page size in the custom page sizes, double click that and it will take you to the next screenshot

This is the basic editing page for publisher documents. At the top of the publisher window, where the menu ribbon is, click on insert to add the flyer image created in Photoshop.

I added a simple robinson map of the world. If you add an image from photoshop with the same dimensions as the page, it will take up the entire page, if not, simply resize to the edges.

When it looks correct, go to File, and select print, this is the main formatting system

First you will need to change the option under Settings from One page per sheet to Multiple pages per sheet. To get the most copies of the flyer on a single sheet of letter, change the options Portrait to Landscape. Use whichever has the most copies per sheet. To get to the next screenshot, click on Layot Options

This is the Layout options window, and where this starts to get more confusing.

Ignore the Start Row option

Side Margin is the distance between the left side of the page and most left copy of your flyer. The most simple way to do this for cutting on the large cutter in the SG computer lab is to use a 1.1 inch margin, and then cut an inch off on the cutter, then to cut the length of the flyer.

Top Margin is the distance from the top of the page to the top of the first flyer. Again, to keep this easy, make it 1.1 inch, then cut like the sides.

The horizontal and vertical gaps are the distances between the flyers. The vertical gap comes into play when you have multiple flyers running from top to bottom, and horizontal gap is when you have flyers next to each other. If you're cutting a bunch of flyers at once, I suggest using gaps of 0.1 inch, this will allow some shifting when cutting, and so that you don't accidentally cut anything off. If you are cutting a few copies at a time to be more precise, you can make it 0 inch gap, and then just cut using the length of flyers

Once you have finished formatting it to the way you like, it should turn out as needed. The right side of the screen has a preview of the page.

Published February 1, 2012